Day 11 – Rudder – That ONE Rivet

On this day, I spent most of my time working on ONE rivet. If you are a builder, you likely already know where this is going. I recently posted about this problem on FaceBook and I got a list of possible solutions that I tried on a practice piece and in the end, I did […]

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Day 9 and 10 – More work on the rudder

It’s been a busy few days, and I have not had time to update my logs, so here is three days in one! Day 9 and 10, I was focused on closing up the rudder skins. I started off with attaching the top rib to the skin. This will be the last back riveting I […]

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Day 8 – Riveting the stiffeners to the rudder skins

Today’s job was to rivet the stiffeners to the skins. The primary technique required is back-riveting. I quite like this technique as it is easier to do than shooting rivets the normal way. The gun fits nicely over the shop head and can bounce around a bit without destroying your work like I did with […]

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First rivets done

Day 7 – Rudder – First Rivets

Tonight, I drove the first rivets for the empennage! The task was to assemble the bottom rib and attach the reinforcement plates and nut plates. The first part went off without a hitch, and I ended up with a pretty nice looking part that kinda looked like a spaceship! Seeing as I have not riveted […]

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Day 6 – Section 7 – Rudder

Today’s task was to get the trailing edge countersunk. I decided to do some fabrication first though. Looking ahead, I know I’m going to have to pro-seal my trailing edge and find a way to clamp it while the sealant cures. I saw a technique I liked that used a piece of aluminum angle to […]

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Day 5 – Section 7 – Continue The Rudder

Today I picked up with the task of match drilling the skins and ribs of the rudder. I kinda score in that I discovered MOST of the holes were already punched to “final size” at the factory. Some recently developed kits came like this, and I guess I lucked out! I felt like the trailing […]

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Day 4 – Section 7 – First time putting on skins

Today, I had a bit of time before bed and could not resist doing a bit of work. The mission was to prepare the trailing edge and fit the skins onto the skeleton of the rudder I have been working on. The first step was to deburr the rudder skins, which I had neatly tucked […]

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Rudder skeleton

Day 3 – Continue Section 7 – Rudder

Today started with marking up the rest of the skin stiffeners and a trip to Canadian Tire to get a new set of aviation snips. The new snips worked well on the strait cuts across the stiffeners, but when I had to get into corners, they were a bit bulky and did not do a […]

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Day 2 – Start Section 7 – Rudder

After waiting a few days and not hearing back from Vans since my big mistake on day 1, I decided to take some advice I got on the forum and continue building something else. Tonight I really enjoyed making parts. I was experimenting with different techniques for cutting including the bandsaw, tin snips, and a […]

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