Day 50 – Checked off a task

In what seems like forever, I finally checked off another task in the build. While nothing huge, it’s the first time since the spring that I have been out to work on the stabilizer.

This task was a bit complicated as you have to reach into a small space to hold the bucking bar while you set the rivets into the inspar ribs. I started off as I was previously by putting a piece of rivet tape over every rivet head and wrapping my bucking bar with a cloth. By the end of the job, I was back to how I did things in the beginning… place a single rivet, shoot it. No tape… no rag… no frills. It worked out great!

I learned something today that I wish I knew earlier. Sometimes, a rivet goes just a LITTLE sideways and an edge stands a little proud. This happened today. I was resolved to drill it out and re-do it, as I wanted it to be perfect. First though, I tried an old trick that has never worked: I tried smashing it again with the rivet gun without the bar in behind. This does nothing. I tried again, but put the bar behind it and let it squash a bit more. It set nice and flush! The downside is that it is now a bit overdone, but I am calling it good enough. The alternative is drilling it out and risking making a BIGGER mess.

With all this done, I marked the next batch of rivets to shoot which is the remainder of the inspar ribs.