Horizontal Stabilizer Done!

Day 51 – Horizontal Stabilizer Complete

Although I am calling this “Day 51”, it was actually a couple weeks of an hour here and there with a couple marathon build days. The goal was to get this thing OFF the table and get some garage space back. I have not had much time to build, but this year I retired from […]

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Day 37 – Vertical stabilizer done!

After a long day of driving rivets, the vertical stabilizer is finally done! I was loathing having to “reach inside” to buck rivets into the stabilizer, but like many things, it was not so bad once I finally got started. The first challenge was riveting the skin to the middle in-spar rib. I called a […]

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Day 14 – Rudder done!

Today is a great day! The first full part of my plane is built! After weeks of working, making mistakes, fixing them, I finally have something to show for all my hard work. Now that it is done, I have a new problem: Where do I store this part to keep it from being damaged […]

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