Day 2 – Start Section 7 – Rudder

After waiting a few days and not hearing back from Vans since my big mistake on day 1, I decided to take some advice I got on the forum and continue building something else. Tonight I really enjoyed making parts. I was experimenting with different techniques for cutting including the bandsaw, tin snips, and a Dremel with a cutting disk. Each had their pros and cons. I think the snips are a good option, but I need smaller ones. …or… pneumatic ones? 😉

I started off making shear clips. I marked them and rough-cut them using the bandsaw, and then used the Scotchbrite wheel on the bench grinder to finish them. They turned out amazing!

Once the shear clips were done, I made up the top and bottom caps for the rudder. (photo to come).

Next, I started working on the stiffeners that will help attach the rudder skin to the spar. They are a lot of work an I only got the first two done. The next batch will go faster I am sure. Anyway, they turned out great!

And to end the night, I decided to play a grown-up version of Mechano. It is not time to assemble yet, but I stuck a few pieces together anyway just for the satisfaction of seeing parts going together. After this, I took it mostly apart so it would not get damaged and cleaned up for the night.

I can also see that if I want to keep adding photos to my blog, I had better keep my garage cleaner!

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