Day 22 – Horizontal stabilizer – Create wooden cradles

The instructions said… “Don’t waste time making these perfect”. …well… CHECK PLUS! I had my lines all drawn and I was feeling pretty good about my plan. Right before I cut, I realized that I needed to have room for the skin to extend beyond the nose ribs, so I extended my awkwardly flat drawing to have a nose. After cutting the first one out, I noticed it was a bit TOO roomy, so I re-traced a bit tighter for the next one, and then used it’s cut-out to trace a pattern for the remaining two.

In spite of the perfect-imperfection, I still managed to pull out all the best tools! I managed to make a dado joint with the table saw and took the time to countersink the screws holding the cradles to the base. Even with the pre-drilling, I still saw some delimitation starting when the screws went in to a couple of the cradles, but that just made them fill in the dado joint even tighter! So… good enough! …wait.. then sanding.. ok.. NOW it’s done! Tomorrow, I can hopefully rivet again!

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