Day 27 – Vertical stabilizer take 2

Tonight I only had an hour or so, and I decided to just go out to “cleanup the shop”. I did that, but while I was at it, I figured I’d lay out the parts needed to restart the vertical stabilizer. The first time I tried it, I drilled the wrong size holes in the spar flange. That was Day 1. It’s time to try it again! If you’re thinking “but Fred, the horizontal stabilizer is sitting half done”, you are correct. The problem is my table is not big enough for the next step. I have another just like it at the hangar that I’ll bring back next week, but I figured in the mean time, I’ll give myself a treat and work on something smaller/easier.
With all (most) of the parts laid out, I marked up the spar caps for cutting and decided to call it a night. It was hard to stop, but at least I made some progress! Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get them cut and drilled.

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