Day 19 – Horizontal Stabilizer Spar Caps

Last night’s goal was to prepare the spar caps and stringers. I’m getting a bit bolder with the bandsaw and cutting closer. This means less filing and the work goes much quicker. I also came up with what I think is the ideal clamping method for filing down the angles on the caps. 

With the caps ready for drilling, I lined up my 1/4” marks with the holes on one side and clamped everything into place. Once secured, I ran a drill through every 1/8” hole in the spar web that was common with the caps. Unlike my screw up on “Day 1”, this time I was smart enough to not ALSO drill 1/8” holes in through the flanges! Lol

With all the holes drilled and all the parts deburred and cleaned up, I clecoed everything back together. The next step will be to drill the flanges. 

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